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On March 27th seminarian Rick Lesser's article, "A Lenten parable: Making maple syrup at the seminary" appeared on

On Tuesday, February 4th, Fr. Palardy appeared on The Good Catholic Life "to discuss the seminary, its 50th anniversary, the upcoming change in name when Bl. John XXIII is canonized, the elevation of former rector Bishop Peter Uglietto as vicar general for the archdiocese, and the epic softball battles between St. John Seminary and Bl. John Seminary."

On Monday, February 3rd, the Boston Herald wrote an article about our seminarian, Larry Love, and his delayed vocation. "Closing in on 69, some would call Larry a late bloomer. But in the Catholic Church it’s what is known as a delayed vocation, having felt a call on his life to become a padre, to walk away from a thriving career in ophthalmology and live out his faith as a diocesan priest down in his homeland of Tyler, Texas." Read more.

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On Friday, January 31st, Fr. Palardy said mass on Catholic TV on the feast of St. John Bosco. You can view the mass on the Catholic TV Network's YouTube channel.

On July 27, 2013, the National Catholic Register has written a lovely article featuring our seminary entitled "Seminary’s Older Vocations Boom: New Priests Reflect on Serving the Church After Leaving Worldly Professions". It featues interviews with Rector William Palardy and several of our seminarians. "The Class of 2013 is representative of the diversity of men who come to the seminary to answer God’s call. The class included men originally from Syria, Haiti, Cuba and Vietnam and from a variety of career backgrounds, including a pediatrician, pilot, accountant, Department of Natural Resources adviser, teacher, counselor and two monks." Read more.

We are currently planning our 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2014.  As part of this celebration, we completely renovated our chapel during the 2012 summer break. This renovation is one aspect of Pathway to the Future - our first capital campaign.  This campaign will emphasize facility improvements, growing our endowment and expanding our library. Please click here for more info.