Message From The Dean of Seminarians

Academic Dean


At Pope St. John XXIII we are fully supportive of the view that human formation is a key foundation upon which the particular preparation for priesthood is grounded. As the late Pope John Paul II noted, the future priest must strive to cultivate the human qualities necessary for his own maturity and also cultivate those essential qualities for an effective ministry among others.

As the Dean of Seminarians here at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary, I would also add that priestly formation takes place more effectively in community. In a climate of mutual respect, responsible communication and purposeful collaboration, seminarians have many opportunities to develop leadership skills appropriate for "public persons" of the Church. We strive to be a true community of faith and charity. Through our Human Formation program, seminarians are challenged to become authentic shepherds and stewards of the gifts of God in community, capable of forming meaningful relationships, willing to minister to the needs of one another and responsive to the call to share their prayer and faith.

The Rector, the faculty, and the entire Seminary community share in the program of personal growth. Guided by a faculty advisor and spiritual director who foster growth in holiness and wholeness, our men embrace deeper self-knowledge so that they may attain a realistic picture of their personal strengths and weaknesses in light of the many demands of contemporary priestly ministry.


Rev. Paul Miceli
Dean of Seminarians

Key Elements of Human Formation Program