Pre-Theology Program





As the Director, I am pleased to provide an overview of the Pre-Theology Program offered at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary.  This optional one-year program began in the Fall 2007 Semester.

While the Seminary continues to have a dispensation allowing a four-year Master of Divinity Program, this optional Pre-Theology Program is offered for candidates whose bishops or religious superiors deem it appropriate. The program covers a broad range of prerequisites for entry into the four-year ordination program.

The faculty in the Pre-Theology Program is distinguished by priests and lay persons of significant academic and ecclesial accomplishment. The diversity of the program is evident in a curriculum that introduces students to philosophy as well as basic Catholic doctrine and Sacred Scripture. Students also benefit from a fully integrated participation in all aspects of the seminary’s spiritual, pastoral, and community formation.

We have been gratified by the response our Pre-Theology Program has received and we look forward to the grace-filled challenges of preparing candidates for priestly formation.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dr. John F. Millard
Director of Pre-Theology Program