Admissions Guide - Is God Calling You?

Potential candidates have many common questions and concerns.

These often include:

“Am I too old to be accepted into a Seminary program?”

Many men have experienced a calling to priesthood, but for various reasons, were unable to pursue it. Then, years later, they hear the call stronger than ever and wonder - “Is it too late to consider a priestly vocation?”

The answer is no!

Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary is a theological institution uniquely dedicated to the preparation of seminarians 30 to 60 years of age responding to a call to priestly ministry. Since 1964 our Seminary has been acclaimed for offering quality formation specifically suited for the adult learner. Currently, our nearly 600 alumni serve throughout the world.

“I was married. Now I am a widower. Am I still eligible for consideration?”

Yes. Many of our mature candidates have been married - and some have grown children and grandchildren.

“How do I start the admissions process?”

Candidates apply for admission to Pope St. John XXIII Seminary under the sponsorship of a diocese or religious order. We suggest you talk with the Vocation Director of the diocese where you wish to serve. Collaboration between the sponsoring diocese or religious community and Pope St. John XXIII Seminary is an integral part of the admissions process. Your pastor may also be available to provide support and guidance.

Additional details about the admission process at our Seminary are available on the following pages. We hope these will be of assistance as you continue to discern your calling. You may also wish to contact Ken Watts, Recruitment Coordinator, at, for more information.