Alumni Days

The Alumni of Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary continue to enjoy a unique relationship with the institution, its faculty and current seminarian community. This relationship is characterized by a special spirit of warmth, outreach and concern that the community has for each alumnus as a person and for the quality and success of his priestly ministry. For a list of the dioceses and religious orders served by our Alumni, please click here.

Alumni are frequent and welcome guests at the Seminary, returning throughout the year for retreats and visits. It is not unusual for graduates to audit individual classes on these occasions. Their input is a real stimulus, educationally and psychologically, to those presently preparing to be their colleagues in the priesthood.

The alumni have their own national association and constitution and members hold informal meetings on a regional basis. The annual meeting for this association is held at the Seminary in conjunction with Alumni Days, a special event held annually. Alumni Days includes opportunities for spiritual renewal, theological updating and social relaxation. The Seminary sponsors Alumni Days, which is considered an important event during the academic year. Alumni are kept informed of current events at the Seminary through informal "notes" circulated by the alumni association and by the Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary Newsletter.

Alumni Days

Most Rev. Paul J. Swain, ’88
Bishop of Sioux Falls, SD

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