Seminarians - Class of 2016


Seminarians - Class of 2016

Douglas Barrett
Archdiocese of St. John's, NL

Anthony F. Bittar
Archdiocese of Denver, CO

Jonathon D. Frels
Diocese of Tyler, TX

Matthew J. Gregory
Diocese of Portland, ME


Thomas P. Griffin
Diocese of Norwich, CT

Steven A. Maddaloni 
Diocese of Rockville Ctre, NY

Steve Matthews
Diocese of Albany, NY

Brian O'Shaughnessy
Diocese of Savannah, GA

Patrick J. Rice
Diocese of Albany, NY

Jorge J. Rocha
Diocese of Providence, RI

Charles G. Ruoff
Diocese of Venice, FL

Paul W. Schultz
Diocese of Madison, WI

Philip R. Schulze
Archdiocese of Hartford, CT

Kevin A. Yarnell
Diocese of Saint Petersburg, FL

Bro. Michael Bishop Young, CO
Oratory of Saint Philip Neri